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ICBC Physiotherapy Benefits are included in your Basic insurance and are there to support your recovery. The benefits are available for all British Columbians injured in a crash, no matter who's responsible (at fault). When you are injured in a crash, you have access to certain pre-authorized treatments and your health care practitioner will work with you to put a treatment plan in place. Other benefits are also available, such as wage loss compensation and benefits to support you at home – so you can focus on getting better.

1. Devoting Time to Receiving Treatment

ICBC's effective restriction on ambulance chaser involvement in MVA injury claims means that affected parties won't have to wait as long to get compensation to pay for alternative treatments like physiotherapy and chiropractic care. This means you'll spend less time in court and more time getting treated for your injuries at a clinic.

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2. Reduce Personal Expenses Associated with ICBC Rehabilitation:

As previously mentioned, aggrieved parties may have needed to spend years in court to obtain reimbursement for Physiotherapy Surrey treatment prior to this reform. Those who couldn't wait because of their agony, discomfort, or malfunction had to pay cash, which drained their bank accounts to the brim. However, the new model eliminates the waiting period and decreases your out-of-pocket costs for ICBC Physiotherapy Surrey Cloverdale rehab because approved physiotherapy fees will be paid immediately.Even better, ICBC's new Improved Medical insurance will offer MVA victims 24-times the amount of care and benefits than what is presently offered, up to a maximum of at least $7.5 million, and for as long as it is required.

3. Reduce Personal Health Insurance Premiums:

ICBC will save a significant amount of money by eliminating the exaggerated expenses of fighting attorneys and their various businesses. The amount? $1.5 billion specifically! ICBC Surrey Physiotherapy is distributing its cost savings by lowering rates. You may further demonstrate your commitment to your health and wellbeing by allocating that cost savings (which amounts to around $400 a year) to your health and wellness in addition to using the new care model to obtain alternative and more effective kinds of treatment.

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4. Receive Uninterrupted and Thorough Injury Rehabilitation:

The goal of the new care-based model is to give you, a resident of Surrey, British Columbia, the rehabilitation care you require for as long as it takes, allowing you to resume and fully enjoy your everyday life. There won't be a time limit or a pressure to get in as many sessions as you can before a specific day on the calendar. You will continue to undergo therapy as long as your injuries' incapacitating symptoms persist.

5. Restorative Physiotherapy for Complete Healing

It's possible that some occupational therapists have taken to the media to protest the new model, but that's only because they might not have an ICBC-registered chiropractor on staff who is authorised to oversee treatment for such claims. While the others are silent, physiotherapy clinics that do have an on-site ICBC-registered chiropractor are distinguishing themselves from the competition. You now have yet another crucial metric to evaluate if a physical therapy facility can actually be described as "full service."

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    ICBC Physiotherapy in Surrey Treatment Plan

  • It does not matter if you are at fault or not, you get the benefits.
  • Doctors referral is not needed if you did not get any previous treatment.
  • For the first 12 weeks, ICBC will cover for the following-.
    • 25 physiotherapy sessions
    • 12 Massage therapy sessions
    • 12 Active Rehab
    • 12 Acupuncture therapy
    • 12 Counseling
  • If there is need for further treatment, your treating therapist can request additional coverage.

ICBC will cover the entire cost of your treatment, which mean you do not pay anything!

Please bring your care card, claim number and date of accident to start you treatment,we are here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ICBC physiotherapy is a sort of physical therapy that the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) covers for those who have been injured in an automobile accident.

The number of physiotherapy treatments covered by ICBC is determined by the severity of your injury and your unique needs. Our physiotherapist will consult with ICBC to establish the number of treatments required.

No, you do not need a doctor's reference to undergo ICBC physiotherapy treatment. However, you should consult a doctor first to verify that your injuries are appropriately diagnosed.

Whiplash, back and neck discomfort, sprains and strains, and joint injuries are just some of the conditions that may be treated with ICBC physiotherapy.

No, as long as you have a current claim with ICBC, they will reimburse the cost of your physiotherapy treatment.

Depending on your unique needs, each physiotherapy treatment session will take between 30 minutes and an hour.

Our physiotherapist will analyse your injuries and establish a personalised treatment plan based on your requirements and goals during your first ICBC physiotherapy visit.

Yes, you have the option of selecting your own physiotherapist for ICBC therapy. However, it is essential that you select a physiotherapist who has worked with ICBC and is familiar with the claims procedure.

Your physiotherapy visits will be scheduled based on your unique needs and the severity of your injury. Our physiotherapist will collaborate with you to create a treatment plan that includes the necessary number of appointments.

Yes, our physiotherapist will work with your ICBC adjuster to verify that your therapy is covered and that all documentation is completed. Our physiotherapist will also keep you updated on your progress on a regular basis.