Clinical Counselling

At Think Physiotherapy, we understand that life's challenges can be complex and navigating them may feel overwhelming. Our Registered Clinical Counsellor is here to provide expert support on your journey toward healing, growth, and well-being.

Think Physiotherapy is dedicated to offering professional and compassionate counselling services tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals and families. Our Registered Clinical Counsellor brings extensive training and expertise within a safe and confidential environment to assist you in addressing a variety of issues, fostering positive change and resilience. We believe in addressing the whole person, considering mental, emotional, and relational aspects to promote comprehensive well-being.

Services We Provide

  • Individual Counselling: Personalized support tailored to address personal challenges and promote self-discovery.
  • Anxiety and Stress Management: Developing coping strategies to manage life's demands.
  • Depression Support: Providing a safe space to explore and address feelings of sadness and hopelessness.
  • Trauma Recovery: Guiding individuals through the healing process after traumatic experiences, including motor vehicle accidents and injuries at work
  • Direct billing to ICBC