Spinal Stenosis Treatment in Surrey, Cloverdale

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A disorder of the spine called spinal stenosis causes the spinal canal to narrow at one or more levels of the spine. This is typical in those over 50 and may or may not result in symptoms. Younger individuals who are born with a narrower spinal canal may develop spinal stenosis.

The signs of spinal stenosis are frequently relieved by non-surgical therapy. Additionally prescribed are drugs for nerve discomfort, anti-inflammatory drugs, and simple painkillers. Physiotherapy may aid in strengthening muscles and enhancing posture, flexibility, and balance. Injections of steroids may reduce some of the swelling surrounding damaged nerve roots.

Surgery is only used in situations where other therapies are ineffective. Depending on the nature and cause of spinal stenosis, there are many methods of spinal decompression surgery. In order to permanently decompress the spinal canal, these operations entail removing the section of bone as well as the thickened spinal ligaments. Removing the pressure signs of spinal stenosis by giving the nerves more room to go through.

Benefits of Spinal Stenosis Treatment in Surrey with Our Therapists

It must be advised that you see a trustworthy & perfect doctor if you are ignorant of this injury. As a result, Spinal Stenosis Treatment in Surrey is the safest solution for receiving speedy and successful therapy without any complications.

You might learn the following exercises from our physical therapist:

  • Increase your stamina and strength.
  • Your spine should remain stable and flexible.
  • Become more balanced.

A rigorous physical therapy programme was shown to be just as effective as surgery in improving daily function, according to one research. People engaged in bends, pelvic tilts, standing squats, and other activities during that study.

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