Osteoarthritis Treatment in Cloverdale, Surrey

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An extremely prevalent ailment that may damage any joint in the body is osteoarthritis. The joints that support the majority of our weight, such the knees and foot, are most likely to be affected. Additionally, frequently used joints, such the hand joints, are frequently impacted.

The cartilage, a robust yet supple and slippery substance that covers the surface of the bones in a healthy joint, allows the bones to move freely against one another. Osteoarthritis causes the cartilage of a joint may thin in certain places, making the surface rougher. This indicates that the joint doesn't move as easily as it ought to.

Quickly Relief Treatment from Osteoarthritis in Surrey, By Our Experts

Physical therapy can reduce the difficulties of osteoarthritis and prevent the development of the disease. To enable patients with osteoarthritis to move more safely and enhance joint function, strength, and range of motion, our physical therapists design a thorough, individually tailored exercise and manual treatment programme.

Surrey Physical therapists are professionals in prescribing the proper amount and kind of exercise for your disease, age, fitness level, objectives, and deficiencies. Physical activity is the cornerstone of osteoarthritis care.

Arthritic joints might be less stressed by having good posture. You may learn from our physical therapist how to improve your posture and walk, stand, and sit with less strain on your joints. This can include advice on how to change the atmosphere at home, at work, or even in your automobile.

The greatest part is that we will design a physical therapy plan just for you, one that can include a mix of passive and active knee osteoarthritis treatments.

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